Xu Tan: Loose


Till today, Xu Tan keeps his life style as a Chinese flaneur.  He has never stop questioning the boundary of art, and the rapid changes of Chinese society creates unique social lab for him to work within. Since 1990′s, Xu Tan has been acting like a thinker than a visual artist. Some of his works were difficult to be defined at that time, but becomes more significant today. “Yishi” probably  represents somehow the link between his art and the way he is making it. It is a closer, more accurate way to connect with what conceptual art is in the china context.
Loose is a limited edition containing DVD ( with simplify edition of 5 video pieces) and a booklet (with a dialog between Xu Tan and Hu Fang).

Work list in the DVD:

1 Made at home in China, Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou-Shenzhen,1998
2 New Curator and Lobster Art Center, Shanghai, 2003
3 Concert Hall of Zheng Daoxing, Yangjiang-Shanghai-Guangzhou,2002-04
4 Air Is Good, Shanghai-Berlin,2005
5 Xin Tian Di, Shanghai,2005

Edition:500 (Simplify Edition of 5 Video Pieces DVD+Book)

©Vitamin Creative Space,Artist and Authors,2005

徐坦 松了 (1) 徐坦 松了 (3) 徐坦 松了 (2) 徐坦 松了 (4) 徐坦 松了 (5)


概念:胡昉 张巍 / 书文字:徐坦 胡昉 / 编辑:胡昉 / 英文翻译:胡震英文 / 校读:Michael Fitzhenry / 设计:邓剑君 / 制作协力:沈足娣
作品照片提供:徐坦 胡昉 + DVD(五件录像作品的缩减版)作品分别为:中国家庭制造,光盘,北京-上海-广州-深圳,1998 / 新策展人和龙虾当代艺术中心,录像,上海,2003 / 郑道兴音乐厅,阳江-上海-广州,2002-04 / 空气不错,上海-柏林,2005 / 新天地,上海,2005 缩减版录像
编辑:徐坦 / 字幕翻译:吴燕燕 / 制作协力:邓剑君 吴燕燕 李璐璐 周滔 阿翔
限量:500套(五件录像作品的缩减版DVD+书)版权所有© Vitamin Creative Space,艺术家,作者,2005