Xu Tan: Dictionary of Keywords


Dictionary of Keywords is a conceptual publication by the Chinese artist Xu Tan, it is a high density collection of 125 keywords based on his project “Searching for Keywords”, which consists of a series of interviews of active people in the Chinese society or people in the active Chinese area, and by searching and studying the content of the conversation, Xu Tan aims at finding out the connection between the individual speakers, words and the mental tendencies of Chinese society. The dictionary functions as a kind of teaching book for people to learn Chinese, and to exchange different culture experiences through the learning process.

English and Chinese | Dimensions: 14.5 x 13.5 cm | Pages: 287 P | Vitamin Creative Space, 2008 | ISBN 978-981-05-9852-5 | Price: 39.95 Euros |

徐坦:关键词词典 (1) 徐坦:关键词词典 (3) 徐坦:关键词词典 (2) 徐坦:关键词词典 (5) 徐坦:关键词词典 (4)