Pak Sheung Chuen: L20120821-L20120830 (SP)


TB29cBTwhXlpuFjSsphXXbJOXXa_!!192642626L20120821-L20120830 (SP) is a publication that consists of 16 postcards, each records an idea and the corresponding line drawing by the artist Pak Shueng Chuen.

IMG_0008-1 IMG_0009-1 IMG_9976-1 IMG_9977-1 IMG_9982-1 IMG_9983-1 Selected postcards from L20120821-L20120830 (SP)

These ideas are selected from the good amount of notes taken by Pak for the period from 2012/8/21 to 8/30. Titled L20120821-L20120830 (SP), the “L” represents “L notes”, which is a specific type of notes Pak has taken over the years.

In the daily life, Pak takes notes on his notebook anywhere, anytime, be it text or drawings. “I let myself wander in the city or idle at home until I’m quiet enough to hear the faintest trembles in my heart (the responses to my surrounding and people), then I’ll write them down one by one.” (Pak Sheung Chuen, 2011). This publication can be seen as the special edition of the L notes.

L20120821-L20120830 (SP) takes the form of postcard, one can read them, or let these ideas flow with the mind and feelings by other ways.


Pak Sheung Chuen
Chinese & English
The Pavilion
16 pcs | 14×18cm each

Text and Image from The Pavilion, © Author, The Pavilion, 2017

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