Hu Fang: New Arcades (Survival Club, Sensation Fair, and Cool Shanshui)


Hu Fang’s writing is a juxtaposition of fiction and commentary about a variety of topics relevant to contemporary living, including authoritarian politics, office culture, market economy and personal experiences. These topics commingle in his work New Arcade with great lucidity and wit. His ambition seems to be embedded within the risky act of constant writing, such that he creates little seeds of texts that can be weaved into an encyclopaedia on contemporary society. (Jiang Jun, Chief Editor of Urban China )

Book Concept: Hu Fang |Text© Hu Fang 2006

|Photo©Chu Yun, Heman Chong, Hu Fang, Jiang Jun, Joseph Grima, Wang Xingwei, 2006
|Design:Xu Shuxian | English Translation:Philip Tinari, Francesca Jordan | English Proof Reading: Andrew Brewerton | Publisher: MAP BOOK PUBLISHERS | ISBN 988-98395-5-5 | Dimensions: 21.1x13cm | Price: 11.95 Euros

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