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Chu Yun (储云)


Born in 1977, Jiangxi Province, China.
Currently works and lives in Beijing.



Chu Yun’s practice has demonstrated a continual pursuit of processes to obscure pain and happiness. He remains skeptical of dispositions that can be clearly defined by explicit suffering, joy, tragedy, or anger. Chu Yun's pursuit of the "hidden" derives from his recognition of the real. This has, in turn, made him increasingly willing to abandon the use of strong visual images to attract people, as well as compel him to ponder the question of how an artist can become a medium for transcending the visible elements of everyday life. Smile of Matter is the first solo exhibition of Chu Yun (1977, based in Shenzhen and Beijing), which invites people to experience the invisible power hidden within his art works – In the end, you will realize the disappearance of your imaginary works, which, nevertheless, return to the works eventually. (Chu Yun). The following conversation took place on the occasion of Chu Yun’s solo exhibition at Vitamin Creative Space and explored the stories behind his works.

Hu Fang

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